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Send notes to Trello in 5 seconds

Catch is a macOS app that makes recording ideas, todos and notes a breeze. During deep work, you need to capture ideas quickly so you don't lose them, without getting distracted from your work.

Catch supercharges your productivity by capturing important notes and sending them to any service in 5 seconds.

Catch supports note services like Apple Notes, Trello, Evernote, Basecamp, Asana and more
A few of the note taking services supported by Catch

Catch works with other note taking apps

Catch is different from other note taking apps—it's supposed to work with the note taking service you're already using. It aims to be an extremely fast way to send notes, todos and ideas to just about any service:

  • 🚀 Brainstorm product ideas to Trello
  • 🛠 Schedule todos for a freelance project in Basecamp
  • 📝 Send reminders to yourself via email
  • 💌 Write daily diary entries to Apple Notes

Use #hashtags to categorize notes in seconds

Send notes to different services easily with different #hashtags. Each service has a different color, so you always know you're sending to the correct one (an undo button is also provided just incase).

Catch uses #hashtags to send notes to different services
This note starts out going to Apple Notes but, the #ideas hashtag sends it to Trello instead

⚡️ Catch gives you a super power

Catch helps you accomplish great work by saving your brilliant ideas and keeping you in flow.

Accomplish your best work

Save all of your best ideas easily—Catch makes it so easy to send notes you'll start saving things you would have ignored before, which will lead to new ideas, connections and opportunities.

Stay in deep work mode

Catch helps you stay in a state of flow, when you're doing your best work and engaged, it makes capturing ideas ridiculouslty fast so you stay on task.

Relax, knowing your ideas are secure

Getting Things Done is productivity system that recommends having a place for everything. Catch helps you put things in their place, and rest easy knowing they're safe and secure.

Catch aims to be the one app you need for capturing your best ideas, notes, thoughts and todos—and sending them anywhere.

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Catch is the best way to stay in deep work while capturing important ideas, notes and todos. Get more productive with Catch today!

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macOS 10.11+ supported—Windows, iOS and Android coming soon

All your data stays 100% private and is only sent to the services you request. If you have any other questions, please contact me using the information below.

Brad Jasper, founder of Catch

Catch is built by Brad Jasper—that's me ✌️ I'm building Catch because I'm obsessed with creativity and productivity—and how software can help both.

I built another popular app called Focus, that blocks distractions like social media, and now I'm building Catch to scratch my own itch.

I take dozens of notes per day in Catch and it lets me stay focused on whatever I'm working on while capturing important ideas, thoughts, notes and todos. Now I'm polishing it up and want to share it with you.

Say hello at @bradjasper or send questions to [email protected]